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Nature Unite Bottle


Nature Unite Bottle
Nature Unite Bottle Nature Unite Bottle Nature Unite Bottle Nature Unite Bottle Nature Unite Bottle

The Nature Unite Bottle is a symbol and reminder of how beautiful our oceans are and the importance of keeping them blue.

The bottle is made with Oceanbound recycled plastic from Central America that is on the verge of entering our oceans. It also has all the best features to allow you to do the most basic thing in life: drinking water. Use it on-the-go, in the office, in the gym, in nature, at home, or any other amazing place where you want to enjoy a sip of water.

• BPA Free • CO2 Neutral • Made in the UK • Dishwasher Safe • 100% Recyclable • Sustainable packaging • 600ml

More than a bottle

When you buy the Nature Unite Bottle you contribute to the solution in so many amazing ways.

Blue oceans and wellbeing for all its inhabitants and those that depend on it as we collect OceanBound plastic waste at the final point before it enters our oceans.

Reduced consumption of single-use plastic bottles is a real win, but also because the bottle is made with recycled plastic it reduces plastic waste and contributes to a circular economy.

Supporting the most exposed people in the world by giving them jobs and security through increased waste management so that they can stay healthy, look after their families and improve their overall quality of life.

Inspiring others to also take a stand against plastic pollution and consider their overall lifestyle and consumption and how they can contribute to the solution. This is the foundation to all change!

Driving demand and economic feasibility for recycled plastic, driving improved and increased infrastructure worldwide, leading to economic growth and prosperity in countries that need it the most.

Join us now to help keep our oceans blue!

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