The Nature Unite bottle is made with Oceanbound recycled plastic that has been diverted from ending up in our oceans, but we are also making sure that every element of our materials, manufacturing and distribution process are as sustainable as possible. We want to leave our planet in a better place than where we started out!


We are so excited to be using OceanBound recycled plastic in our bottle, which means that you will directly contribute to plastic being collected at the brink of ending up in our oceans. OceanBound recycled plastic production uses 90% less energy and emits 78% less CO2 than producing virgin plastic.


Our UK manufacturer is a certified and leading sustainable operator in its field with purpose built sustainable facilities that has applied several energy and resource efficiency measures. Our Chinese manufacturer has been thoroughly vetted by us and a respectable third-party agent and is a responsible manufacturer both relating to employee and environmental responsibilities.


We have made it a priority to keep our packaging limited and all our packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard. We have an ocean freight standard for all our material transports into the UK and have in place a minimum plastic packaging policy with all our suppliers.


The Nature Unite bottle is 100% recyclable ♻ as we are using food grade silicone and a particularly durable, widely recycled and BPA free plastic called HDPE - recycling sign 2. This is one of the most commonly recycled plastics worldwide, so you are sure to be able to recycle it if you ever had to.


Nature Unite is a CO2 neutral company. This means that 100% of all CO2 emissions relating to our operations and each Nature Unite bottle sold are offset on a quarterly basis through projects such as waste infrastructure establishment and education, deforestation prevention and reforestation through Carbon Footprint and Plastics For Change. We are doing this because we want to leave our planet in a better place than where we started out!


We aspire to provide our community with full transparency on how we operate, which challenges we are facing and what improvements we need to make. Considering this, we would like to tell you about one of our biggest challenges so far and what improvements we are hoping to make.

The Nature Unite bottle is made with 1/3 OceanBound plastic, which means that 2/3 is made with virgin plastic, due to current production constraints. We know that this is not good enough and it is a constant reminder that we need to improve our processes and innovate in order to increase the OceanBound to virgin plastic ratio.

To give you an idea of how much virgin plastic material is in the Nature Unite bottle: it is the equivalent of 4 typical 500ml single-use water plastic bottles. Despite this still being too much, comparing this to the 167 US and 150 UK single-use plastic bottles consumed per year per person, it still reduces the purchase of hundreds of single-use plastic water bottles each year.

“No one is perfect” is an expression that sits particularly well within the field of innovation, but we promise that we will not stop until the Oceanbound material ratio in our bottles have increased significantly.

We are also asking for your help, if you know of any processes which might help us improve this, please get in contact with us on