Our Mission is to empower all people to be a part of the solution to keep our oceans blue and free from plastic pollution.

We aim to do this by inspiring you through insightful stories of our ocean environment, by those who inspire us and identifying and providing you with more sustainable solutions, allowing you to not only get started on your sustainable journey but make you champion it in however big or small ways.


With more than 8 million tonnes of plastic pollution leaking into our oceans every year - equivalent of one garbage truckload every minute - the countless of animals that are wounded or die of indigestion, entanglement, and pollution of plastic and diminishing ocean habitats, we are at crossroads and need to Unite. We believe in enabling all people to be a part of the solution to keep our oceans blue, all animals that depend on them healthy and habitats thriving.


Knowing that inspiration is a catalyst for change, we aim to get everyone involved by inspiring you through stories of our ocean environment by those who inspire us to make you love and want to protect our oceans. We also want to provide you with practical and sustainable solutions to champion your efforts, no matter where you are on your sustainable journey and in however big or small ways.


By bringing together a community of people who are all looking for the same thing - to be a part of the solution - we create a fantastic platform for us all to share experiences and empower each other with information and solutions to champion our sustainable journey.

One of these solutions is our own Nature Unite bottle, a reusable water bottle made with a particularly exposed recycled plastic that has been diverted from ending up in our oceans, hence contributing to keeping our oceans blue. This bottle together with #TheBlueWaveMovement has become a powerful symbol of how we can all be a part of the solution to save our oceans from plastic pollution.

Caroline Founder Nature Unite