8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year!


Polluting our nature & oceans

We produce over 350 million tons of plastic worldwide every year with 50% becoming waste within less than 1 year, 2/3s ending up in landfill and 8 million tons ending up in the final dumping ground, our ocean – the equivalent of 1 garbage truck of plastic every minute.


Killing animals and sea-life

Plastic pollution causes terrible harm to land and ocean habitats and the animals that encounter it. This includes all, from corals to whales to birds to other large land mammals that are harmed or killed either by the ingestion of plastic or entanglement. More than 100 million marine mammals die and more than 1 million sea birds every year, that we know of…


We’re drinking & eating plastic

No joke, a recent study suggested we are consuming an estimated credit card’s worth of plastic every month, in the form of micro-plastic that enters our food-chain and water sources, with unknown damage to our bodies.

Our Mission

The Four Pillar Solution


Engage & Inspire

The initial KEY to solving the plastic pollution crisis and foundation to all change. We need to ENGAGE everyone and empower them with information and tools to change mindset towards overall consumption and waste, and inspire to take on board the ethos of sustainable living and a circular economy. We cannot do this without you!



The running tap to an overflowing kitchen sink MUST be dealt with if we are ever to successfully solve the plastic pollution crisis. We need to reduce plastic production and particularly the 50% of plastic that becomes waste within less than 1 year. We must refuse, reduce and reuse plastic, and find alternative materials for the same uses without the same consequences.


Recycle & Upcycle

It is VITAL to increase recycling rates to sustainably solve the plastic pollution crisis. We must drive demand for the recycled material, and as secondary plastic regains its value, companies and countries that currently have little or no waste infrastructure will stop seeing waste as a burden and instead seeing it as a valuable resource that they and their communities can thrive on, supporting economic growth and helping people in parts of the world where they need it the most



Usually considered the final solution. However, with the majority of plastic produced to date having already been discarded into nature and us having ignored the crisis for 50+ years, we now RELY on clean-up efforts to save nature, wildlife and humanity as a whole. 

We created a bottle made
with OceanBound plastic

OceanBound recycled plastic has been scientifically proven to be at high-risk of ending up in the ocean if not collected within 50km of coast lines in countries that have little or no government infrastructure for collecting waste. We collect that plastic waste, bound to end up in the ocean, and use it in our bottles.

Join us now to help keep our oceans blue!

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