For us, a community is a place for people to share experiences, to feel belonging, to express themselves in a safe space and ultimately to come together for a greater cause. If you agree, please get involved and join our mission to be a part of the solution!

Join the community

We would absolutely love for you to join our community! Expect inspirational, entertaining, and solution driven information that you will want to share with people around you - and don’t worry, we dislike waste as much as you do and you won’t be receiving any from us! Only the best content for our community!


Do you want to do more? Our #onemorekilo initiative is all about giving you the ability to spread the message forward that we can all be a part of the solution, whilst also allowing us to collect more plastic waste on your behalf that would otherwise with high likelihood end up in our oceans.



All you need to do is:

Share an image with your Nature Unite bottle on your Instagram* and Tag @nature.unite + Hashtag: #onemorekilo

We will clean up 1kg more of Oceanbound plastic for you which is equivalent of ~100 single-use bottles.

We can do it, together!

*If you have a private account, please DM us a screenshot of your posted image.


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We want to hear from you

We always take inspiration for our community in everything we do - you are our muses!! That is why we would LOVE to hear about your sustainable solutions (no matter how small or big), favourite brands and most loved sustainable products. Also, if you have any specific topics you would like to hear more about or anything else really. We would love to hear from you!

The Nature Unite bottle



The Nature Unite bottle is not just a brilliant reusable water bottle representing a solution with great functions and CO2 neutrality, but it is a symbol for how beautiful our oceans are and the importance of keeping them blue. Many in our community have already joined #TheBlueWaveMovement, will you?

Get your bottle HERE and join the movement!


It has never been more important to incorporate sustainability into your company culture - no matter the size of your company. Your culture reflects your values, behaviours, and beliefs and as the world is becoming more aware of the important of social and environmental issues, so should you.

We as businesses have a responsibility to build great values throughout our organisations, and by doing so you will not only gain loyalty among employees and customers but it will give you the opportunity to really contribute to saving our planet. How amazing is that!?

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