Let’s keep our oceans blue


A word from our founder

I set up Nature Unite with a mission to empower people with information on the solution because of the mixed messaging and information gap I myself experienced and to implement change to a sustainable way of living, through people, companies, and government.

My vision was clear: I wanted to spread information on our vision of the complete solution to the plastic pollution crisis and how we can all be a part of that solution in small or big ways. The bottle has become the powerful symbol of that solution, both for what it represents as a substitute and in material and what it represents in spirit and inspiration.

My greatest wish is for you all to join our mission to keep our oceans blue.

Caroline, CEO + Founder


Environmental Commitment

Reusability & Recyclability

Our bottle is 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. We are using a particularly durable plastic called HDPE to ensure that you can reuse the bottle forever; and because HDPE (recycling sign 2) is one of the two most widely recycled plastic materials worldwide, you are sure to be able to recycle it.

Reusability & Recyclability

Our US and UK manufacturing partners are both leading in their fields and stellar examples of how manufacturers can run an operation with sustainability at its core. Our Chinese manufacturers have been thoroughly vetted through our UK manufacturing agent and are responsible manufacturers with regard to both employee and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable Materials

Our bottle is made with OceanBound recycled plastic which means that you will contribute to plastic being collected at the brink of ending up in the oceans. OceanBound recycled plastic production uses 90% less energy and emits 78% less greenhouse gases than producing virgin plastic. It also creates 6x more jobs than landfilling and 36x more jobs than incineration.

Sustainable Fulfilment & Distribution

Our packaging is limited and both inner and outer packaging is made out of 100% recycled paper and cardboard. We have an ocean freight standard for all our imports to decrease our impact on the planet, but we go further than that as we will also offset 100% our CO2 impact from the complete operation of our business on a quarterly basis.

Challenges & Improvements

Our bottle is made with one-third OceanBound plastic, which means that two-thirds is new plastic due to current production constraints. We know that this is not good enough and it is a constant reminder that we need to improve the processes and innovate to be able to increase the amount of OceanBound plastic content and we promise you that we will not stop until this has been increased substantially.

We urge you to please let us know if you know of any process which might help us improve this! Contact for any such tips.

To give you an idea of how much new plastic is in our bottle: it is equivalent to 4 small single-use PET plastic bottles. Despite this being too much in our opinion you can compare this to the single-use plastic bottles consumed per year per person in the US of 167 and the UK of 150. This means that from the moment you buy the Nature Unite reusable water bottle you will reduce the purchase of hundreds of single-use plastic water bottles. We think that is great!

Join us now to help keep our oceans blue!

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