Keri-Anne’s Story

Keri-Anne’s Story

What first brought your attention to the plastic pollution crisis, and when?

I was away swimming in Seychelles when I first properly noticed loads of plastic cups and other things at the bottom of the ocean, it was a really sad moment. When it really hit me though that I needed to do something was when I was asked to speak at the National Geographical Society about ocean plastic and I got really emotional after hearing all the amazing speakers talk about how important our oceans are and it dawned on me that I had been contributing to what they were talking about out of ignorance - not knowing what my actions were doing. From that moment I’ve made a real effort.

What changes have you made in your life to contribute to the solution?

I've been much stricter about what I buy that is plastic and if it is single-use then it doesn't make it into my house. I try to only use my reusable coffee cup and Nature Nanite bottle when I travel. I've asked my family not to get my daughter or us anything that is plastic as presents. I've also changed my mindset on buying new things just because they have a mark on them or been well used. Recycling is also a bit part of our lives.

Who do you wish to inspire to join you in the mission for a plastic pollution-free world?

I think we need the government & big businesses to start feeling as strongly about this as we do - if we had some proper change from these giants then we can start to reduce and hopefully clean up the damage we have all done to this planet. If its illegal to do stuff people will stop doing it until then if recycling is an option people won't recycle if it’s illegal then action needs to happen as one small step.

If you could come up with any type of solution (fiction or real - let your mind go wild), what would it be?

I wish each family could have a device like a 3D printer to make anything we need out of plastic that is reusable and safe to use - so if we need a toy it can be made, if we need a coffee cup it can be made, if we need a knife and fork we can make it.

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