Caroline's Story

Caroline's Story

What first brought your attention to the plastic pollution crisis, and when?

I have been aware of the harm plastic causes to nature and wildlife for a few years now and have done my best to consider my use of plastic, but it was an article featuring Johanna Konta in the summer of 2018 when I had my lightbulb moment. She highlighted the vast amounts of plastic bottle waste which was left on the courts and grounds at Wimbledon after the games, which made me question not only the need for single-use plastic waste in countries like the UK, but also why we have the impression that we recycle a lot whilst we rarely see that recycled material in the same applications.

What changes have you made in your life to contribute to the solution?

Since that time, I have reduced me and my family’s plastic usage in many aspects of life and I also question our need for buying things in general when we don’t necessarily need it. I found that starting with small changes in my life was extremely powerful as it really got me excited and happy to investigate what other solutions/reductions/substitutes/alternatives I could come up with. It started as conscious decisions and it has now developed into unconscious behaviour; it is amazing!

Who do you wish to inspire to join you in the mission for a plastic-pollution-free world?

I would like to inspire people who feel anxiety about not knowing what to do or worry about not doing enough. I want to make you understand that the small things really matter and the most important thing we need from you is that you remain happy and fulfilled in order to stay on course and contribute in the long run. Do not take on too much too quickly and have it affect your life negatively, but rather just do what you can and find excitement in the small solutions.

If you could come up with any type of solution (fiction or really let your mind go wild), what would it be?

I would love to see educational systems worldwide include subjects such as nature preservation, sustainability and tackling pollution. Children are the future and we need to teach them what is important in life and give them the right foundation to thrive.

By Caroline, Dec 2019

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