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Organic is a huge part of who CRU Kafe is. Since founded way back in 2013 they have only ever bought organic coffee, and are committed to making sure they always will. But why should you be bothered about buying organic? And exactly what difference does it make to the coffee you drink?

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A sustainable lifestyle can be hard to maintain on its own and adding a family with children into the mix will most likely challenge your efforts. That is why we love these sustainable tips from some awesome parents.

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Food is one of the easiest things to start with to reduce our plastic and carbon footprint because there are so many options and alternatives that will make mother earth smile 🌍 That is why we love these brilliant tips from our community.

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We always take inspiration for our community in everything we do - you are our muses!! That is why we would LOVE to hear about your sustainable solutions (no matter how small or big), favourite brands and most loved sustainable products. Also, if you have any specific topics you would like to hear more about or anything else really. We would love to hear from you!