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Our oceans have a healing effect. It is evidently clear in this inspiring BAFTA nominated short film, “Tonic of the Sea”, by Jonathan J. Scott, featuring Katie Maggs, speaking about her journey through a mental breakdown and her ability to find herself again through open water swimming.

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At CRU, they are proud to sell Fairtrade coffee that is 100% traceable and sustainable. To celebrate this and shout about the importance of ethical coffee, they’ve teamed up with Fairtrade Coffee to delve a little deeper and really answer the question: Why Fairtrade?

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Organic is a huge part of who CRU Kafe is. Since founded way back in 2013 they have only ever bought organic coffee, and are committed to making sure they always will. But why should you be bothered about buying organic? And exactly what difference does it make to the coffee you drink?

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