In many instances, the way to refuse and reduce our consumption of single-use plastic is to REUSE, both what you already own and the things you are looking to buy new. Here are some great tips on how to reduce your plastic consumption through reuse. We would love for you to challenge yourself to take some of them on board for Plastic Free July and beyond!

As we have said before, we need to REFUSE and REDUCE single-use plastic, and in many instances, the solution is to REUSE what you already have and consider reusability when you buy new things.

In order to think more about how we can reuse items, let’s create three rules::
1) Reuse everything you have for as long as you can
2) When you are at the point of wanting to discard of an item, look at it one more time to see if you can REPAIR or REPURPOSE it to give it a longer life, or give it to someone who can
3) When you really need to buy something new, make sure that it is a reusable item and long-lasting - i.e. quality over quantity

Single-use items are the main problem to the plastic crisis we see today because they are exactly that, meant for one single-use and before becoming waste for hundreds of years = the opposite of reuse
Here are a few examples of how quickly some single-use items become waste.

🛍 Single-use plastic bags are used for 12 minutes before becoming non-recyclable waste

🧉 Single-use plastic straws are used for the length of drinking a cold drink, so let’s say 7 minutes on average - whilst taking over 200 years to decompose

👂 The average person cleans their ears for less than 1 minute, which is the length of use of plastic q-tips before discarded

Do you want to do something about this?

Here are a few great small changes you can do to contribute to the solution! We can do it, together!



It is important to remember that going on a journey to reduce the plastic you use will only really succeed if you allow yourself time and taking on little conscious challenges that eventually become unconscious behavior. You also need to have fun along the way!

Written by the Nature Unite team