We need to refuse plastic completely where possible and reduce our consumption of plastic in all other situations. We have put together a few reasons why it is so important to use less single-use plastic and our top tips for how to refuse and reduce plastic - where you don’t necessarily need an alternative. We would love for you to challenge yourself to take some of them on board.

We need to Refuse and Reduce our plastic consumption in order to lower the production of plastic and its devastating effects on nature and wildlife. Here are some of the facts.

🏭 Did you know that more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been produced to date with less than 10% having been recycled - vast majority ending up in landfill and nature.

🗑 We produce >300 million tons each year (expected to rise to 900 million tons by 2050) whereby 50% becomes waste within 1 year - despite lasting for hundreds of years.

🚚 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans each year, the equivalent of 1 garbage truck each minute.

😷 2/3 of plastics ends up in landfills with toxins polluting groundwater reservoirs, harming wildlife and people

🐋 Plastic pollution in our ocean directly causes more than 100 million marine animal deaths a year - that we know of.

Do you want to do something about this?

Here are a few great small changes you can do to contribute to the solution! We can do it, together!

refuse unnecessary plastic


refuse plastic straws


refuse plastic containers


refuse fast fashion


refuse non sustainable food wrappers

It is important to remember that going on a journey to reduce the plastic you use will only really succeed if you allow yourself time and taking on little conscious challenges that eventually become unconscious behavior. You also need to have fun along the way!

Written by the Nature Unite team